Amazon Quiz Answers

Amazon Quiz Answers 20 February 2020

Amazon Quiz Answers on 20 February 2020 & Win Rs. 10,000/-

Amazon India is running quiz contest daily and customer can answer the questions from Amazong app. Users can  win exiciting offers. Today winners will get up to 10,000 Amazon Pay balance.

Q1. The ‘Kala Ghoda Arts Festival’ is organised annually in which Indian city?
Ans: Mumbai

Q2. Which Asian country has introduced a ‘sustainable development fee’ for tourists?
Ans: Bhutan

Q3. NS Dharmshaktu has recently been presented an award by the President for his work in combating leprosy. After whom is the award named?
Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

Q4. Which Indian company recently launched services in London, offering services in Comfort, Comfort XL and Executive Ride categories?
Ans: Ola

Q5. The Indian Institute of Veterinary Research has recently developed a vaccine to combat CSF. What does S stand for in ‘Classical S___ Fever’?
Ans: Swine


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