How to Decorate Your Master Bedroom

Colours with lighting should make your master bedroom special and elegant. Master bedroom is a place for your reflection. Turn this place into a place for fashion which shows your zing. Combine materials like metal, wood, fabrics, flowers, décor, furniture’s in patterns and introduce a little glitter. Working on the style will keep interested and comfort in high-reaching levels. You can add plush and cottage art in your master bedroom and make it unique as well, designing your space is the key element which can make or break your master bedroom.

Make a Plan

Get the layout planned by a professional or do it yourself. The layout is an important actor and deciding on it results in the best utilization of space. You get the correct size of furniture, fixtures and electric points and determine a theme to work with. While selecting furnishings and fixtures like curtains, bed linen, rugs, one needs to look for good coordination among them. Rug is one of the items in home interior which can be used freely in bedrooms of any size. To make your home stylish, warm and comfortable using vinyl and a parquet will instantly increase the style quotient of the bedroom floor. Another option is Marble which gives the feel of luxury and elegance. A wooden floor will add warmth and character to the bedroom and comes in a variety of shades to match different type of décor. However, wooden flooring requires some maintenance to keep it in good condition for years.

Choose the Scheme

The mantra of a grandmaster bedroom is choosing the right colour. A bright colour will add light to your bedroom. Moreover, one shouldn’t go overboard with the colour choice and opt for a loud or too dark a colour. If your interior doesn’t agree with a bright colour, you might like to go for a pasta shade with some new print scheme. Fabrics you can use could be silk, as silk will lend your bedroom decor with a rich look. If taking care of silk is not your thing, you can opt for cotton fabrics in bright shades. Should you have multiple choices of fabrics you can alter the look of the bedroom without having to change the basic colours on the wall.

Furniture Choice

While choosing furniture; take care of the theme and cohesiveness between the mirror, bed, Paintings, sofa and chairs. One should remember to establish the theme and also break it with care by application of furniture in the room.  Many aspects of the bedroom can be changed with furniture. From utility to the added look, furniture is what you are in contact with on a daily basis. There are end numbers of furniture’s available in the market, from wardrobe to entertainment units where plenty of options lie choose the right one for your master bedroom. The bed itself is the prime piece of furniture in the room and one should go for steel or dark wood made sleek pieces, which doesn’t take up too much space.


A warm and inviting lighting in the master bedroom is what sets your mood for resting time and builds an environment in that space. A centrepiece of lighting in the bedroom which has a dimmer will give you the option to have an appropriate mood setting.

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