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How to Update U-Dise Data 2019-20

How to Update U-Dise Data 2019-20

  • First click on the link given below
  • There you will see the Login option give your school U-Dise code as username and also give your password then click on login button below.
  • After login you saw a school information system option in menu bar click on it.
  • Later you see 11 columns in the left side bar click on one-by-one option. Give required details regarding to your school and also if you want to update any school information click on edit option which is located at top right corner of the page.
  • After updating your school information you scroll down there you will see a confirm option click on it. Make sure or re-check your data before clicking the confirm button beause once you tap confirm you will never ever edit  your school information.
  • In school profile section(B) section you must edit parents commitee section because you give 2019-20 year details later click on confirm button.
  • In physical facilities(A) Section here you must mention all the details regarding what facilities to provide to your school before construction or in construction process. what facilities you need click on no and what facilities you have then click on yes.
  • After click on teaching and non teaching staff option if any non teaching staff is working in your school you have to mention those details.

In this way you will fill all the details regarding to your school



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