The ways to turn the windows into decorative spots

Windows have become a creative corner of the house nowadays with many new designs coming up. Windows are not considered as openings or ventilations anymore but a creative hub of the house where one can use one’s imaginations and fancies liberally. There are many options like window blinds, awnings at the external end which would decorate the house as well as protect your interiors from heat and rain. The edges along the windows can also be greatly decorated. Many put a picture window with an arrangement of a charming window seat attached next to it. If the window seat is arranged for in the living room and is complemented with the right kind of decoration elements it can serve as a separate and novel seating arrangement by itself.

Display on Windows:

There is always an option of decorating the windows with blinds, curtains and drapes but one can also decorate the edges of the windows with different kinds of hand paintings on the panes of the windows, clings with different flowers and designs to make it look cheerful and brighter. The living room window can serve as a great decorating point with several items like decorative pillows, great looking window curtains, cushions and coverings of the windows which proves to be wonderful items for creating a great effect in the room décor.

Creating an imagery

If you are a lover of exuberant colours you can take the option of painting the areas around your windows and can create few of the abstract shapes which would elevate the look of the place. This will not only be trendy and modern but will also give an abstract look to the overall décor of the room.

Application and use of the wallpapers to the cornices can create an effect of coordination of the windows with the walls. The other alternative is to extend the wall mural designs to the fringes of the windows. An example would be if you have the adjacent wall with a forest scene or scenery then you can use the wall near the windows with birds flying towards the edges of the window. This would extend a touch of reality to the scene. Window clings can be a good option with the wall paintings or murals giving the entire space a new look and feel altogether.

Plant Trees:

Potted plants can be another option to decorate the window bays. This will cheer up the interiors with a tinge of live greens in the space. This will establish a connection with the outdoors. A bunch of roses in the vase or a bunch of lilies can also enhance the décor of the windows.

Play with Colours

The colours that are used for the window seat can make your room stand apart or even give it a blending with the existing decoration theme. There is an element of matching principle in it, insists the interior decorator. The colours of the drapery and the cushions should be so chosen that the window decoration and the other colour arrangements of the room are complementary to each other. There are certain combinations that go well like the combination of cherry blue and yellow or the contrast of black and white can heighten the brightness of the place.

The experts and the interior decorators suggest the colours of that of silken tones. This can easily be done by choosing silk cushion covers or drapery for the specific places of the room.  Wall hangings of proper sizes and décor can also be a good option insists the experts.

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