Upcoming trends of decorating the Interiors

There are few of the upcoming trends in the interior décor of places and homes that have become trendy. The new interior decorators insist that simplicity is the best policy which is also the dictum followed by many decorators and designs in the interior décor as well. This kind of décor breathes life and is more lively and inspiring to live. It is indeed true in decoration that new and inspiring designs steal the show and with the debut of every season new trends come up. Summer is a time when cool colours are in vogue in the fraternity making people feel more light and these cool and light colours tend to reflect the heat instead of absorbing it. It is also in vogue to use different trendy and of course simple design trends which catches the imagination of people. The simple and the light colours tend to blend in and go well with different kinds of furniture that are there, be it antique or modern. At the same time, these trends are modern enough to remain trendy for a long time.

In this context the expert designers opine that it is a best practice to avoid colours like beige, grey or any of the pale colours. The reason is that these colours get dirty very fast and start looking dull and they lose the luster very soon. Instead few of the decorators suggest that colours like navy and plum are well suited in the urban contexts which are deeply saturated hues. Many people may feel the darker shades on the wall too scary or they may not know how to adjust the other aspects of the décor with such dark shades. For this reason the decorators suggest that a sofa or any other piece of furniture can be kept as the focal point and the decoration can start from there.

That’s not all. There is another trend that has come up in the recent times. That is you can also use various designs and floral types on the wall. In that you can also utilize the window in your design. An example would be a tree and where the window is, there can be drawings of birds flying or the like. There can be paintings used with floral cushions which can keep the feel of the walls and the room very cool. The interior decorators insist that nowadays bright colored and minutely drawn artificial flowers are becoming the trend of the day in the décor. You can also use handicrafts, artifacts, terracotta and metallic sheets with good and decorative designs which are picking up. There isn’t any dearth of demand of the Ganesha’s idol or the Buddha which people are increasingly using.

Some may argue that there are different patterns and styles like ethnic, corporate or contemporary styles. But in today’s practice, it is not so as there are a blend of all the designs and the trend is a mix and match of all the three and even other designs as well and give the look a unique fervor. There is again the trend of using other décor elements like the ITE wood for your terrace gardening, paneling in the wall, and few other innovative techniques which are fast picking up as well. The experts opine that yet another new and innovative trend noticed in the wall décor is the usage of the stones on the walls instead of using the wallpapers. These stones definitely give a natural look and can also be easily fitted. Wooden flooring and the use of blinds are also in vogue as well.

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