Use Vastu to make your life happy

Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra say it’s these energies that affect us for the good and bad. A home with wonderful colours and splash looks isn’t just enough. The energies have to be balanced and the décor should remove blockages and help in manifesting the perfection already present in humans. In this regard the Vastu science lays down few guiding principles which if followed eases life and makes way for a life full of joy. If one wants to be happy in life they need health, wealth and the peace of mind. Everyone struggles to get all of these. Few get it and most does not. Decorating your home in the Vastu way makes you more prone to achieve these much wanted treasures of life. Let’s discover, how.

Vastu way for attaining Peace

 Peace is a much desired attainment in life often not found by many but desired by all. After all your home is the place to feel at home. So naturally, if the décor aligns the energies in a way that makes one to feel at home, peace will be easier to attain.

The Door Vastu for peace

 The images of Gods and Goddesses that makes you feel more energetic and assured can be put on the main door of the house or your home. Images of Lord Shiva or Goddess Lakshmi can be an example or the idols can be carved or fixed on the main door itself. You can also engrave or fix auspicious symbols on the door to welcome peace and prosperity.

Ideas of Colour

In case of choosing colours the Vastu experts suggest not to paint with colours like blue and black and avoid such colours as much as possible.  For choosing colours on the wall or the cabinets, colours like red, yellow or orange can be used or in mixed ratios.

 Direction of head while sleeping

 The Vastu expert argues that peace depends a lot on the direction one sleeps. The Vastu exponent points out to sleep with head towards the South or the East. Direction of the head towards the North or the West is asked to be avoided while sleeping. The head of the families and the elders of the families with responsibility of the family should lie down with head directed towards Southwest. The maiden girls of the family are advised to sleep with their heads in the Northwesterly direction. The Vastu exponent does not advise them to sleep keeping the head in the Southwesterly direction.

Vastu Suggestions for Good Heath

While eating one should face the directions like East or the West. This enhances the digestive capacity and one should avoid eating facing the South or the Southwest. Business meetings should be held facing either the East or the North. Avoid planting cactus, money plant, Bonsai or rubber plants inside the house. A Basil Plant or a Tulsi plant has medicinal value and also cleanses the environment to a great degree. Staircases in the middle of the house are asked to be avoided and the kitchens and toilets should not be constructed on the Northern side.

For sleeping one should use a wooden bed preferably with no storage space. The Vastu expert advises to burn candles on the Southeast side to make the environment conducive for good health.

 Vastu tips for Wealth and Prosperity

For wealth and prosperity one’s home should be clutter free. The direction of wealth is the North and the place of Lord Kubera. So enhancing positive energies in this direction certainly helps in ushering in more wealth in the home. The main door entrance should not be blocked by wires, meshes or pipelines that obstruct the flow of money. The desks which have computers and other useful objects of use should always be clean to ensure the smooth flow of money and your possessions. The mops and the brooms should be kept out of sight to prevent the increase in expenses over income. The locker or the cupboard having valuable possessions of your house may be kept at the Southwest direction of your home so that there is an uninterrupted flow of wealth and your possessions.

We have just outlined just few basic Vastu tips that everyone needs to follow to align the energies with prosperity and success. This also undoubtedly will increase the happiness index of the inhabitants of the house.

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